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By Olivia Race

Liv and Jess are best friends. They’ve been best friends for seventeen years, eight months, three weeks, and two days – or as long as they can remember.  Join Liv as she prepares to go to a house party with Jess.  Experience the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect dress, making an entrance, waiting for that all-important text, and traumatic driving lessons.


One more thing, just don’t tell Liv – Jess will never arrive.


March 2018

Bedrooms in Leeds, West Yorkshire & Manchester


"To put it simply, I wrote a play set in a bedroom, so that’s where we wanted to stage it.  But it went further than that.  We chose the bedroom setting to allow audiences to experience something very unique, and most likely like nothing they had ever seen before.  By performing the show in a bedroom, we created an intimate journey around a very personal space that would enable audience members to feel as though they were more than mere spectators, but instead sharing a lived experience.  Working in unconventional settings, and especially a setting as personal as a bedroom, allowed us to push the boundaries of what theatre is perceived to be. We engaged with people who rarely went to the theatre; and we believe that by using a space that was familiar for everyone, we were able to remove the formalities traditionally associated with going to the theatre, and instead aimed to immerse audiences in what feels like a real-life situation."

Olivia Race, Writer/Performer


REVIEW: "Olivia’s sparkling performance captures the shimmering confusion of youth ... [she] sustains the next hour or so with a monologue reminiscent of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads ... It’s a heartfelt and energetic performance with light and shade covering the full range from comedy to pathos."  The Culture Vulture



Writer & Performer - Olivia Race

Director - Claire-Marie Seddon

Producer - Alice Barber

Technical Designer - James Clare

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