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Come enjoy the silliness of the mechanicals in A Midsummer Night's Dream, the iconic balcony love confession of Romeo and Juliet, the dramatic plotting of Macbeth, the rousing speeches of Henry V, and many more scenes! Lovers of Shakespeare, and those with little or no Shakespeare experience, alike, will be able to enjoy some of Shakespeare's most spectacular scenes.

Choose a Shakespeare play and watch how the characters burst into another dramatic confession, hilarious mishap, or passionate outburst!

A perfect way to indulge in a restorative dose, or your first taste, of Shakespeare!

May 2017

Love Your Local Market Week, Kirkgate Market, Leeds

#ShakeUpShakespeare  #PopUpShakespeare


Ashleigh Cordery, Sam Gannon, Olivia Race

Michael Lyle, Debra Tammer, Ben Wills

Olivia, Front Room Productions' artistic director's, creative approach was brilliant from the beginning.  Her audition workshop was brilliantly crafted to gather a dream gathering of brilliant people.  The rehearsal period was short, intense but very well directed, meaning we worked together in a very collaborative manner, quickly establishing a strong working dynamic.

During the production week we had to respond to the changing atmosphere of the market, especially after the Manchester terror attack.  We took this into account as a company and adapted our content accordingly.  This flexible and sensitive approach paid off and we attracted an even bigger audience, gaining the confidence of our audience and allowing them to advertise for us though word of mouth and social media.  By the end of the week, our audiences had increased tenfold and the pleasure we had created for people was tangible and very rewarding. 

The whole experience was very enjoyable and I would definitely work with Front Room Productions again.

Debra Tammer, Shakespearean Troupe Member


Ben Wills, Macbeth
Ashleigh Cordery, AMND
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Debra Tammer, Macbeth
Olivia Race, Much Ado About Nothing
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Michael Lyle, AMND
Sam Gannon, AMND



Needless to say I really enjoyed @FrontRoomProd Pop-Up Shakespeare. So great to see so many young children enjoying Shakespeare!


Really recommend @FrontRoomProd #PopUpShakespeare #KirkgateMarket #Shakespeare #Leeds Performances made me have #goosebumps #Macbeth


absolutely lovely to see some #shakespeare performed in the market. fabulous. well done ;) #ShakeUpShakespeare #PopUpShakespeare @FrontRoomProd


Absolutely LOVED @FrontRoomProd's pop up Midsummer Night's Dream at @LeedsMarkets today. It's my FAVOURITE! #Shakespeare

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