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(Kind Of) By William Shakespeare

A Community Production with the people of Huddersfield

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Lawrence Batley Theatre and Front Room Productions
Directed by Sameena Hussain and Olivia Race with Henry Filloux-Bennett

September 2019. The Lawrence Batley Theatre is turning 25, and a big posh black tie VIP gala event is being planned. Fancy French food, Champagne, a string quartet. The local Huddersfield community are having none of it though. This is their theatre, and they’ve got their own party planned. Singing, dancing, party games, cake, and a 90s playlist. As tensions rise, it seems like both sides will stop at nothing to win. This isn’t a party. It’s war.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Sir Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V and the 70th anniversary of Sir Lawrence Olivier’s original screen adaptation, join over 70 people on stage as we bring one of Shakespeare’s classic plays bang up to date to look at what it means to come together as a community.

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